Study in the UK – General Information


UK is an ideal destination for study abroad and its qualifications are recognized and respected internationally. Vigorous quality assurance mechanisms ensure high level of teaching at all levels. GET strives to provide tailor-made study plan in accordance with students’ age and qualifications, ensuring and assisting application to the best institution(s) that suits individual needs. Below are qualifications that are commonly sought after by students from mainland China and Hong Kong.

GCE A-level

Students who have completed Form Five of New Academic Structure(NAS) in Hong Kong or who have completed Senior Level One or Senior Level Two in mainland China are eligible to apply for two-year GCE A-level course in the UK. Students generally take three or four majors out of a selection of subjects such as business studies, economics, politics, computer studies, chemistry, biology, physical education, drama, etc. They may choose to study in further education colleges, sixth form colleges or independent boarding schools / colleges. Upon completion of the A-level examinations, students can apply for bachelor degrees at UK universities.

1. Independent boarding schools

Overseas students aged 16 years old or below must study at one of the independent boarding schools. GET can help arrange guardian in the UK if a student does not have any relatives or friends as guardian. Schools vary in size, facilities and subjects offered, and so are their fees. Students should meet the entry requirements or pass the entrance examination in order to get into an independent boarding school. Students over 18 years old are not normally accepted.

2. Further education colleges

Students aged 16 years old or above may choose to study A-level in one of the government-funded further education colleges, which offer a wide variety of courses such as professional, technical, art & design diplomas. Some also offer GCSE, A-level, foundation, and higher national diploma courses. Students may choose course that best suit his/her needs and interests in order to achieve a higher qualification. Fees in further education colleges are usually lower than independent boarding schools. They are suitable for students with self-discipline.

University foundation

Senior high school students in China are normally required to complete the university foundation course before enrolment in a UK degree due to the disparity in educational system between mainland China and the UK. University foundation course combines foundation knowledge of a specified discipline, English language and study skills, building a solid foundation for undergraduate study.


UK degrees normally last for three years except engineering takes four years and Medicine takes five to six years. Courses with placement will involve an additional year of study. UK universities consider A-level and IB, plus English language proficiency, as the entry requirement.


Pre-masters courses primarily bridge the gap in English language proficiency and academic knowledge required for entry to a master degree of related discipline. Students from mainland China with an undergraduate degree or a three-year diploma may be asked to take this course as a pre-requisite for entry to a master degree.


Masters degrees in the UK normally last for one full year, with a very tight schedule and thus expect students to hold a certain level of English and academic qualifications. They can be classified as Master of Art, Master of Science, LLM, MBA, etc.

Doctorate course

It takes at least three years of research in your chosen field of study in order to obtain a doctoral degree.