Study Advice - Arriving in the UK

Open a bank account

It is of utmost importance for international students to open a bank account in the UK and it normally takes two to three weeks to process. With a bank account students can arrange money transfer, pay fees, use credit card and withdraw money. It is, after all, not safe to carry large sums of money.

Newly arrived international students usually bring with them travelers' cheques, which can be easily cashed in any bank. Please contact the bank if you have problem with cashing your travelers' cheques immediately.

A couple of banks which have branches in Hong Kong and mainland China allow students to open bank accounts prior to departure for UK . Please contact respective banks for further details.

Register with doctor

International students may enjoy free medical services under the National Health Service (NHS) by registering with one of the local doctors whose details can be obtained from your institutions. If you need to take medicine, a flat fee for each prescribed medication will be charged at local chemists' shops. .

Dentists' and opticians' services may not be covered by NHS.