Study Advice - General Information

Study Advice – General Information

GET strives to provide tailor-made study plan in accordance with student's age and qualifications, ensuring and assisting application to the best institution(s) that suits individual needs. Procedure as follows:

  1. We will meet with students and parents to collect basic information such as age and qualifications, and to understand his/her interest, purpose of studying abroad and budget. A list of institutions and courses will be proposed for selection by students / parents.
  2. We will then submit application forms and supporting documents to chosen institutions, and arrange entrance test, if necessary.
  3. We will pass on all responses from institutions to students / parents. If the application is successful, institution will issue offer letter to student.
  4. Upon receipt of offer letter, we will remind students to apply for visa and offer guidance, if necessary.
  5. We will help liaise with institution on the arrangement of accommodation and airport pick-up on arrival in the UK. Comprehensive pre-departure information will also be provided.
  6. During the course of study, we will keep in touch with students, parents and institutions via e-mail or fax, ensuring everything goes well and offer assistance, if necessary.